Call them Kids Fighting Over Candy



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Written By: Raihan Hussain

When they told me I had to write a piece on the lockout, I looked away in disgust. The NHL lockout is about the most depressing topic ever. However, I quickly gathered my thoughts and realized that this was a great opportunity to put a stamp on the situation.

I like to use the analogy that the business negotiations between the two sides are like two kids fighting over candy. On one side stands the NHL and its owners lead by Gary Bettman, while the other side features Donald Fehr and the NHLPA. Both of them are glaring at the dollar figures, fighting to be the greediest of them all; none of them willing to share the sweets with those franticly watching.

The point that they have not stressed enough is that the game will take a huge hit after this dilemma. Currently we have teams on the brink of financial destruction, and fan interest sinking far below the other major sports leagues. The lockout is the last thing they needed, especially since the league has yet to fully recover from the previous work stoppage.

The sad part about this is that fans are loosing out the most. No sports league could live without fans. Fans are the heart and soul of this type of business, and turning their backs on them at this moment is like Odysseus disregarding his dog’s loyalty.

The NHL is exploring dangerous waters by allowing a lockout to take centre stage. Day-by-day the stories are surfacing with regards to the difficulty and struggle being endured by the fans/players.

They need to get their act together and get a deal done. Otherwise, they will be forced to live with the hefty consequences.


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