Written By: Julian Iacobelli

On a splendid afternoon in late September, the Boy’s Athletic Association organized the first Terry Fox Run at Harbord in years. The people who came out were eager to get involved, and the atmosphere was energetic. Over a hundred Harbordites: students from all grades, and even Mrs. Gladstone participated in this heart warming event, raising a whopping $200. The scene outside consisted of students rushing towards the BAA booth, crowding and nudging with excitement to pay a $2 fee. We had generous donations of $5 and $10, but the real prize was seeing everybody walking around the Harbord field, remembering what a great Canadian did for his country. The act of walking and talking amongst friends was substantial enough. However, the passion belonged to those few folks who decided to run. They were running for a purpose, they were running for more than themselves, they were running to remember others who may have battled the same battle Terry Fox did. Cancer affects millions of people and raising awareness is a step in the right direction. I hope Harbordites will continue to support a great cause by continuing this tradition long past my reign as a BAA leader.

Other things to look forward too from the BAA are Grovember where men grow out their beards in support of prostate cancer, and the White Ribbon Campaign which supports violence against women. The BAA meets every Thursday in 016 and if you do show up, you will realize we’re more than a bunch of jocks that pump iron all day; we love helping the school and our community. Image


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