Numb, But I Still Feel It- Title Fight

Top Track from “Floral Green”, reviewed by Pauline Nguyen.

Floral Green

Artist: Title Fight

Genre: Post-Hardcore

Rating: 4/5

To fans of similar bands and musical styles, Floral Green has been highly anticipated and the album presents the Kingston, Pennsylvania quartet with a much more mature sound. Title Fight has evolved from being a pop punk band to having a rough post-hardcore sound, which is evident through the changing sounds of their past releases, including The Last Thing You Forget (compilation, 2009), Shed (2011), and the recently released Floral Green (2012).

Playing shows and supporting the likes of Four Year Strong, A Day to Remember, Rise Against, as well as securing a spot on the 2012 Vans Warped Tour has given the band remarkable recognition.

Floral Green starts off with “Numb, But I Still Feel It,” a strong opening track with fast-paced instrumental that is sure to excite a crowd. Their Single “Secret Society” will without a doubt induce some major stagediving at a gig and have fans screaming “I made promises that I can’t keep, I fell asleep, I was the one who locked the door, I lost the key” along with vocalist Ned Russin. The fifth song “Head in the Ceiling Fan” is definitely the one that stands out the most, showing off a softer side of Title Fight that should be more present in their music.

One could argue that lead vocalist Ned Russin and guitarist Jaime Rhoden’s voices are difficult to listen to, but it seems to work well with their style, resulting in a solid second full-length album. Overall, Title Fight is a good band, but need to expand their horizons and offer more variety in their tracks. They are currently headlining a North American tour and will be stopping in Toronto on November 25th at Sneaky Dee’s.

Best Track: Numb, But I Can Still Feel It


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