Time To Dance-The Shoes

Song off The Shoes latest album Crack My Bones, reviewed by Jacob Lorinc

Crack My Bones

Artist: The Shoes

Genre: Dance Pop

Rating: 4/5

Although they have never played a show in North America, The Shoes, a recently formed Dance-Pop duo of musicians, are France’s latest edition to popular music and are slowly but surely making their way up the charts in North American pop culture. Their very first album, “Crack My Bones”, has directed some attention their way, but certainly not as much as they deserve.

Directly influenced by modern day groups such as LCD Soundsystem and Hot Chip, The Shoes have a very electronic sound matched with pulsing drum beats and driving bass lines. Their sound is heavily equipped with synthesizers and is armed with catchy choruses that are easy to sing along with. The album leaps right into action with their very first track “Stay The Same”. Like many of the songs on the album, “Stay The Same” has an interesting combination of warm melodies/harmonies, yet slightly gloomy lyrics. When the melody is at its most upbeat point, the vocals contradict the mood with lyrics like “I feel like nothing can change again/we see the same ghosts everyday/and when it comes, tomorrow will be the same”. The way these two aspects are woven together is essentially what drives the album forwards.

In a bid for publicity, The Shoes recently released a music video for their single “Time To Dance” starring Jake Gyllenhaal as a psychotic serial killer who not only acts as a serial killer in his spare time but also works out at the gym. Appealing to a younger demographic, the video directed a lot of attention towards The Shoes and currently has over two million views on YouTube.
Despite only having an EP and an album to show for their four years of existence, The Shoes make up for it with multiple music videos, fantastic concerts, and pictures of their artwork through Facebook and Myspace. They are a perfect source of evidence to prove that the French never fail at making solid music.

Best Track: Time To Dance


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