‘Food Not Bombs’


By: Victoria Martyn

Do you believe that food should be a right to all and not a privilege granted to few? Well, ‘Food Not Bombs’ does.

‘Food Not Bombs’ is a movement fuelled by the belief that food should be a right, available to all. It began on May 24th 1980, in the eastern United States, as a movement to halt the Seabrook Nuclear power station. The founders of ‘Food Not Bombs’ were protesting against the American government’s military spending. Why was money being spent for the military, instead of on food?

By gathering food that would otherwise be thrown out, ‘Food Not Bombs’ contributors cook the food and share it with the public, free of charge.

The most important thing to understand is that ‘Food Not Bombs’ is an anarchist movement. Nobody speaks for it, and there are no leaders. It operates on the consensus model. That is to say, in order for any decisions to be made, all people present must come to a unanimous resolution. While it takes more time, this method guarantees dialogue and conversation, and that the end result is one that suits everyone.

Participants meet up to cook every other Sunday morning at Soybomb, which is located at 156 Bathurst street, at Bathurst and Richmond. Food generally is served between 2pm and 4pm at Allen Gardens.

Soybomb is, to quote my sister, “the coolest place on earth.” It’s a cornerstone in Toronto’s punk community. Started approximately ten years ago, many punk shows are hosted there, and it is a regular venue for ‘Food Not Bombs.’

Anyone can start a ‘Food Not Bombs’ chapter, so if you’re interested, check out:

‘Food Not Bombs’ Website

‘Food Not Bombs’ Facebook


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