Photo by: Pauline Nguyen

Written By: René Puerta

He’s not a big fellow, but he sure does fly! You may not have known Hayden Mayeur until this year’s welcome back assembly, but here are two reasons why it’s worth getting to know him: he’s one of the nicest grade tens you’ll meet, and he’s the school mascot.

Mayeur and his pal Jonathan Garcia-Limanni bought road bikes last spring, and spent much of the summer riding around Toronto. They wanted to make use of their fun hobby, and came up with the idea of biking for charity. They vowed to keep everything local, so they decided that St. Joseph’s Health Centre would be a great cause. The event led them to Niagara Falls and back over the course of two days. The boys did an amazing job canvassing and ended up with some great donations, including gifts from Velocolour, who painted their bikes the colours of the hospital, iPressit, Timothy’s, Peter’s Nofrills, who donated food and Gatorade, The Print House and Motel 6 for accommodation in Niagara Falls.

Let’s not forget the actual journey, which took place on September 29th and 30th, Mayeur and Garcia-Limanni biked for a total of 11 hours.

When Hayden isn’t saving the lives of the sick citizens of Toronto, he suits up as the Harbord Tiger to support the school athletics program.


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