Niner’s Corner


Written By: Simon Lowen-Favreau

I really didn’t know what was waiting for me when I moved from middle school to Harbord, so I based my expectations on popular culture.
I watch a lot of Glee, in which getting ‘slushied’ in the face is a common practice. But when I got to school, I didn’t see any evidence of cruel, wet slushy assaults. In fact, contrary to what Glee portrayed, people were quite friendly with each other and seemed happy to help.
I also read a lot of Archie comics throughout the summer, in which the school staff yell more than anything else, so when I walked into class on the first day I was expecting a headache. But, I guess Archie and the gang had it rough, because all of my teachers have been helpful and understanding, at least more so than Ms. Grundy.
Now that it’s October, and I’ve settled into Harbord, I can almost find all of my classes. What I’ve realized is that high school may not be like it is on TV. It’s better, because real life is more complex, and has more meaning than a slushy in the face. So, thank you, Glee and Archie, for showing me how high school isn’t and Harbord for a smooth transition, so far.


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