2012 NFL Playoff Preview: Why no one can win the Super Bowl


Written By: Parker Bai

Now before you go nuts, let me try to rephrase that so you can try to understand where I’m trying to get at. What I really mean, is that the playoff race is too tight and that there are no teams where when you watch them you think, “They’re going to win it all”. That better for you all? This is the tightest playoff race in recent memory, but there are no standout teams, which will make this year’s playoffs that much more exciting to watch. Super Bowl 47 won’t be won by pure talent and strategy; it’ll be won by mere dumb luck.

Although the Falcons and Texans both only have one loss, they’re not as good as their record shows. Both teams have had their fair share of lucky bounces (Texans almost to the Jaguars for crying out loud) and their weaknesses were exploited by two very explosive teams (the Packers blew out the Texans in week 6, and the Saints lit up the Falcons’ defense in week 10). It’s hard to see either of these teams winning it all this year.

The #2 seeds, coached by the Harbaugh brothers, the 49ers and Ravens are both very solid teams defensively, but their problems both lie with their offenses. The 49ers have a good group of receivers, but they’re very inconsistent, and their QB controversy between Alex Smith and Colin Kaepernick has stirred more drama and distractions then Jim Harbaugh would like to have. The Ravens have a solid offense led by Joe Flacco, Ray Rice, and a strong offensive line, but Flacco seems to only play well at home. Flacco’s road game woes will be a huge concern in the playoffs unless they manage to earn homefield advantage, which seems unlikely with the Texans sitting at #1.

If you know me well enough, you’ll know that I made that ridiculous and bias pre-season prediction saying that my Philadelphia Eagles will win SBXLVII. Like that’s going to happen. I’ve come to conclusion that the two best teams in each conference are the Denver Broncos in the AFC, and the Chicago Bears in the NFC. But Chicago’s only going to make it if Jay Cutler comes back from his injury, if not, then I’m taking the San Francisco 49ers.

I like the Broncos because of…their defense. what? you thought I was going to say someone else? Yes I know that Peyton Manning is the main reason for their success, but Peyton was able to dominate with the Colts with an average defense and bad run game. But in Denver, he has an outstanding defense led by the best pass rusher in the league Von Miller and a good run game led by various running backs. Peyton Manning has made his presence felt in the AFC West division, and is a tremendous improvement from Tim Tebow…but Tebow’s still awesome.

I like the Bears, because of how well they win their games. Now many fans have complained that the Bears are winning ugly, but I would say otherwise, they win off great game planning, a great all-around offense, and one of the best defenses in the league. Their offense may not be explosive like the Packers, Falcons, or Saints, but they’re methodical, they eat up clock time and allow their powerful defense to rest on the sidelines. I

But because this year’s Super Bowl will be played in the Superdome in New Orleans, I believe that Peyton Manning will put on an aerial show, and rip apart either defense, whether it’s the Bears or 49ers.


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