A Tale of Two Coffee Shops


Written By: Kira Knight

The icicles are forming and people are beginning to bundle up in layers upon layers of clothing. However, one of the only things that retains its ability to warm people from the inside out is a nice cup of hot cocoa or coffee.
Sam James Coffee Bar, a tiny coffee shop on Harbord, tucked in between Speakeasy Tattoos and Opyni, provides a perfect place to warm up with a small hot chocolate or coffee accompanied by a delicious pastry. Being just a stones throw from Harbord, Sam James is an excellent spot to enjoy a coffee, while pouring over textbooks and working without pause. The only downfall is that the café is small, so there is very limited seating. That said, the prices are still great: hot chocolates being $3 .00 even and coffees beginning at $2.30. On top of that, the shop provides outstanding quality beverages. The next time that you’re out and about, take a look at Sam James. You’re sure to be satisfied with whatever you choose.

Another local and groovy café is located on Bloor Street West between Palmerston Avenue and Markham Street. Snakes & Lattes is a unique coffee shop serving up mouth-watering hot beverages, sandwiches and sweets, while providing a wonderful place to sit back and enjoy a variety of board games. Unfortunately, there is an entrance fee of $5.00, however, this provides access to a table, almost any board game you can name and unlimited time in the café. There is also absolutely no pressure to order anything, although it is highly recommended, for the food and beverages are delightful. The prices are reasonable, coffee beginning at $2.25, hot chocolate being $4.00 and loose tea being at $2.50. However, they have a huge variety of beverages, many of which are rarely found anywhere else, making it the perfect place to sit back, relax and try something new.

No matter which café you choose, there is no doubt that you will enjoy the experience as the days start to get colder!


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