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Written By: Harbord Tiger

Q: Hey! I’m in grade twelve and I’ve been having trouble tackling the huge work load on top of all of the other things I have to do for extra-curriculars (Clubs, sports, friends etc.). I was wondering if you could offer any advice on how I can relieve some stress?

A: Why hello there fellow Harbordite! I’m happy you took the time to write in because I’m sure this is a problem many people are facing, whether or not they’re in grade twelve. Balance is always a hard thing to find in high school but once you do, it can make things so much easier.
One thing you might be able to do is limit certain activities to allow for more time on other activities. Let yourself ask for extensions on assignments if you need them. Eliminate a club or outside activity that you aren’t really all that interested in. Do you really want to take polka dancing classes? Are you sure? The most important thing is getting your work done, while knowing your limits and balancing the time you spend studying with the time you spend relaxing.
Another tip is to organize yourself. Maybe you’re feeling stressed because everything is swirling around in your head and it’s starting to feel like too much to handle. Often times when we write things down it makes it easier for us to see exactly what we have to do. This also helps us remember important dates and assignments. You may feel a little less stress if you could double check an agenda or calendar to reassure yourself that you’re on track and you’re not forgetting anything.
Lastly (and I’m sorry about how annoyingly corny I am about to sound), a healthy diet and lots of exercise goes a long way! *Rotten tomatoes are thrown* Seriously! Eating healthy and getting regular exercise has been shown to boost concentration and productivity in people of all ages. It also activates brain chemicals that make you feel happier and more satisfied with your life–trust me.
Hope this helped!

-Yours Truly,
Harbord Tiger


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