Joyce Manor


Written By: Pauline Nguyen

JOYCE MANOR by Joyce Manor

Genre: Melodic Punk

Rating: 5/5

Hailing from Torrance, California, the band Joyce Manor has only been around for roughly three years, but have already gained faithful listeners from all over North America. The band’s self-titled album features ten astounding tracks and is exceptionally impressive considering that it is their debut.

Joyce Manor opens strongly with “Orange Julius,” setting the tone for what a first-time listener should expect from the record. The third and sixth tracks, “Beach Community” and “Leather Jacket,” are the slowest songs, if these would even be considered “slow.” Joyce Manor’s style is fast-paced, with lead singer Barry Johnson belting out lyrics of frustration quick enough to perfectly accompany the band’s vigorously melodic instrumental. The closing track, “Constant Headache,” is unarguably the best on the album as well as a fan-favorite. It is the group’s most popular song, with Barry Johnson bellowing “You hang me up unfinished with the better part of me no longer mine.”

After listening to Joyce Manor in its entirety, one can easily conclude that there are not just a few notable songs, but that the quality is consistent and their music is infectiously catchy. Although they are often associated with other American groups in the alternative/indie music scene, this Californian quartet have proved themselves noteworthy for their raw, distinctive sound and have successfully separated themselves from just being another common pop-punk band. Joyce Manor is the only band that can release an impeccable record consisting of the perfect combinations of captivating hooks and melodious aggression, while keeping it under nineteen minutes long. Urgency and organized noise has never sounded so good!


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