The Senior Perspective


Written By: Cole Barkman

As extra-curriculars and after-school help from teachers have been shut down over the past little while, students of the TDSB seem to be standing on suddenly shakier ground. The past few months have been a whirlwind of varied information, but seemingly without any direct effect on Harbord students. Rumours got passed around. Possible outcomes were speculated. The issue was portrayed by the media as messy and chaotic, but to students, it was behind closed doors. We all knew it was supposed to be affecting us, but the terrifying concept of losing our precious extra-curriculars just wasn’t a reality. The waves of uncertainty that passed through the grade twelves in particular were labeled as temporary and trivial by most, up until a week ago when teachers started to take serious action.
Most senior students want to stand behind their beloved teachers in this ugly situation, but the idea of going without certain school activities is alarming, to say the least. Not only have all the school clubs and teams been shut down, leaving many student profiles and resumes abruptly bare, but the much-needed after-school help has been removed as well. Graduates of 2013 have been working psychotically hard in the hope of overcoming the precipice that is grade twelve, so having our safety net taken away from us, along with the extra-curricular necessities for certain post-secondary applications, makes us all want to curl up in a ball and cry our eyes out. Though we support TDSB teachers in their actions, the timing of these events is abysmal. By not being able to use their final year of SAC, or basketball, or SLIC, or music council, or anything else that they’ve taken the initiative to join in their pursuits for the future, senior students this year have been dealt a major handicap.
However, this isn’t the end of the world. Teachers will continue to mark our papers, and are still doing everything they can to keep our transition to postsecondary as smooth as possible. There are other places that we can go to fill the holes that have been left for us by the school. Plenty of clubs and organizations directed at high school kids take place in our community, and a lot of students have been banding together to keep their school organizations going without the help of teachers. There are neighbourhood sports teams, youth groups at the library, non-profit organizations that need volunteers, and many others that would gladly take you. Plenty of work can always be done on your own in order to make up for the school involvement that you’re missing out on; do your own projects! Write your own pieces! Show how much you care about whatever you’re missing out on at school, and what you’ve been doing in spite of the lack of school groups. The seniors can make it through this.


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