What Happens to Prom?

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Written By: Emily Nattrass

Prom; for some it is just another school event. For others it is the cherry on top of our four years in high school. There are the bright lights, the fancy venue, the dinner, the dancing, and the laughter. Girls spend months looking for the perfect dress, while boys get fitted for their suits. Lots goes into making this wonderful celebration. However, this year there is a slight bump in the road: Bill 115. All students across the TDSB have lost their extracurriculars, leaving behind the question many seniors are asking, “Is their still going to be a prom?”

Many rumours went around that prom was canceled. Others argued that it could not be because the venue had already been booked. I went to talk to the supervisor of the prom committee. When asked whether prom was still happening, she stated, “Prom will continue. It is going to happen.” She is very devoted and wants to make this happen for the grade twelves. However, at the end of the day, the only person with the power to cancel prom is our principal, Mr.Fuentes. Regardless of the work the prom committee has done in securing a venue, without teacher supervision, the situation can be deemed unsafe and cancelled.

Students may need to take prom into their own hands. There will be some kinks, including the fact that students are no longer allowed to fundraise on school property because there needs to be a teacher to sign off on it, but these hurdles can be passed.

So girls, do not give up on finding that perfect dress, with a cute pair of shoes to match. And all seniors, get ready for a fantastic night.


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