Why the Toronto Argos are the Best Sports Story of 2012

Written By: Parker Bai

Doesn’t it feel like yesterday when everyone was bashing the Argos and saying that they are just another example of poor Toronto sports? Even when they acquired QB Ricky Ray from the Eskimos, Torontonians still didn’t believe in the Argos chances. But on Sunday, November, the 25th, at the 100th Grey Cup, the 9-9 Argos were still able to cap off their improbable playoff run by winning their CFL-record 16th championship at home. All the naysayers and disbelievers disappeared and celebrated with the rest of the city.

So how is this the best sports story of 2012 you ask? There are too many reasons that will explain it. Obviously the first reason is because of how poor Toronto Sports have been in recent memory. The Raptors, Leafs, Blue Jays, and Argos have all had less than stellar seasons lately, and the Argos being able to win the Grey Cup has breathed new life into disappointed Toronto sports fans. After finishing in the bottom two in the CFL standings three times in the past five seasons, the Argos were finally able to return to the old glory days of them being Grey Cup champs.

Another reason is because they won the 100th Grey Cup in Toronto. They were able to go out there and not only win the most significant Grey Cup game ever, but they did so in their own backyard. The expectations were at an all-time high for the Boatmen, but they were able to prevail and they did so very impressively, holding the CFL’s leading rusher, John Cornish, to just 57 yards on 15 carries. If it wasn’t the 100th Grey Cup and/or if the game wasn’t in Toronto, people would not be talking about this game as much as they are now.

This was probably the best thing to happen to the city of Toronto in a while. Torontonians can finally call their city champions, and this was no fluke. The Argos have the talent, ability, and potential to compete for even more championships for the next half-decade. With a championship in lacrosse last year, the rising Jays, and the young talent on the Leafs and Raptors, Toronto sports can finally be as dominant as they once were.


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