Written By: Victoria Martyn

Passion in doing what you love is difficult to find. This wasn’t the case for Darryl Blacker, drummer for the post-punk, post-hardcore band named Bandera (founded in the winter of 2009). Having played the drums since he was nine years of age, Darryl has been pursuing his love of music for quite some time.
“My friend Tim and I started jamming in one of my roommate’s bedrooms and our first jam went over like an awkward first date would,” Darryl said. “We jammed and played probably three songs’ worth of material. It was like a date where things got hot and heavy too fast.” Bandera consists of three members – Darryl himself, Tim Weinkauf, the guitar player, and Jordan Smith (full name Michael Jordan Smith) playing the base guitar.
The band was named ‘Bandera’ after a person Darryl knows. “I was working with a dude named Dan Bandiera and Dan’s a nice enough guy and I really liked his last name,” He noted. “I wanted to call the band ‘DanBandera’ because it has a nice ring. We decided to call it ‘Bandera’ because we didn’t want to make it seem like we were using his name.”
Along with Toronto, Bandera has played in the mid-west of the United States, the west coast, and much more of Canada. “I haven’t done the east coast yet, but I intend on going out there,” Darryl exclaimed.
Currently, Darryl is working on a new project with a black metal band he is also a member of. The band is named ‘Actual dust’, and he says it’s ‘pretty sweet’. It’s refreshing, given that he more often than not finds himself in screamo bands, and has found himself now playing a genre he’s come to love over the past year.
Though not certain where he sees himself musically in the next five to ten years, the avid drummer is certain that he will always be involved with music. “I can’t go without it,” he declared. “But I think in the next five to ten years, I’d like to advance myself in other instruments. And I’d really like to do some solo stuff. I don’t think there’ll be a purposeful direction. Music is the art I do, and I always want to surprise myself.”
On February 22nd, Bandera will be performing at The Central, and will also be playing in Kitchener on March 2nd and The JCC on March 3rd, with quite a few other shows down the line.
For more information regarding Bandera, please check this website:


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