“Django Unchained” – Quentin Tarantino


Reviewed By: Lucas Nankissoor

In contrast to popular Western films, Django Unchained follows a former slave named Django in search of his wife who is currently bound to a charismatic plantation owner known as Calvin Candie. Though I walked into the theater planning to see The Hobbit, I left believing that Django Unchained was the best movie of the year. The cast of the film is extraordinary– they are comedic at the appropriate moments but can also be serious to maintain the dark atmosphere of the slave trade. I’m not a big fan of rap, but even so, I found the soundtrack of Django Unchained (which features original music by Rick Ross and Jamie Foxx) to be very catchy. As a result, I strongly recommend Django, given that director Quentin Tarantino selected talented actors and memorable music.


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