Fashion’s Best of 2012


Written By: Harbord Tiger

2012 has been a great year for fashion. The 2012 spring runway shows began early last year and showed all over the world in New York, Paris, London, Milan, Toronto, Berlin… The list goes on and on. Then came the fall shows with new collections, beginning in late summer and continuing into october, when Toronto Fashion Week was held. Lots of young people have been taking cues from runway shows and working the trends into their everyday outfits. Here are some of the biggest and best trends of 2012:
To begin, I loved the pastel frenzy that was seen on the spring runways. The collections from Louis Vuitton, Francisco Costa, Calvin Klein, Valentino and many other front runners showed pastel tones with girly detailing such as scallops, flowy skirts and colourblocking which all was very refreshing. This style is approachable, making it easy to work into an everyday look.
Another spring favourite was the huge 20’s comeback. Gucci was a leader, but this look was also seen at Etro, Julien Mcdonald and Marchesa, among others. The straight silhouettes, art deco patterns and fringes where something that hadn’t been seen in awhile, although a style comeback is common, and personally, I think that the flapper look is super awesome. The whole look was also fairly uncommon which I think added to the appeal.
Now for a fall trend: Baroque embroidery. At Balmain, Marchesa and other shows, beautiful, intricate embroidery graced the runway. I think that this trend was so popular because it’s hard not to love something so delicate and rich. This look also morphed into darker, almost gothic looks which is where we saw the Rooney Mara obsession among designers.
This year also had some great beauty trends. From the wet hairstyles to vampy lipstick shades, overall, 2012 was a very interesting year and I hope that 2013 will again raise the bar for fashion designers.


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