Horoscopes – 2012 At A Glance

Written By: Ayisha Sahay

I have three words to describe 2012: Wake Up Call.
For every sign, in almost all prominent aspects of life, things shifted drastically in 2012. It was a year of ups and downs, which has made everyone crave the shift that a new year brings.
Although some signs are dreamier than others (yes, I’m talking to you Pisces), everyone was forced to plant their feet on the ground and get their priorities in order.
In 2012, finances took on a dominating role in everyone’s lives. For the adults around, this
may have consisted of a promotion or even a complete shift in one’s career path. For us
younglings, this may have pushed us towards financial independence, or simply taught us a
lesson about the value of money in the real world.
Two words to describe love this year: Reality Check. I wish I could tell you that everyone had a great romantic and gushy year, especially with Valentine’s day around the corner. Too bad this isn’t the case. For most of us, 2012 brought with it a lot of emotion both good and bad. Virgo’s this year learned to stand on their own two feet, while Pisces were forced to abandon their usual up in the clouds mindsets. Leo’s and Aquarius were both pushed out of their relationship comfort zones this year. No matter your sign, you probably experienced a reality check that will benefit you in the future– even though it was tough to accept at the time.
2012 was a great year for health. Many of us finally started towards a goal. Maybe you joined a gym or a sports team? Discovered a great brand of protein bar? Started getting enough sleep? No matter how small the changes were, 2012 has made you a stronger, healthier person. We all approach health differently; Libras tend to head towards moderation, while virgo’s this year discovered that exercise can be a great outlet for anger. Sagittarius’ in 2012 discovered that exercise can actually be fun and not tiresome. No matter your sign, and no matter your approach, remember to carry the positive aspects of 2012 with you into 2013.
So just what exactly does 2013 have in store for you? If I had to pick one word to predict the
year as a whole it would be this; rebuild. In relationships or self-esteem, finances or personal
style, rebuilding is key, and 2013 will bring us the power to do just that. 2012 has been quite a roller-coaster, and I know that I for one am quite happy to be getting off the ride.


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