March Break on a Budget



Written By: Sydney Dummett

March Break is coming up! Very exciting stuff, but what to do if you have no money to fly off to some tropical paradise or a sloping ski resort? Well, I am one of those unfortunate souls who is lacking in the cash department and therefore seeking some inexpensive activities to occupy myself with over the March break. Here are my tips for those in similar situations:

Not able to make it to a beachfront all inclusive with a pool? That’s all right, because you and a friend can take a bath together and have the same experience! It will be just like swimming in the ocean, only this way you can control the water temperature!

Missing out on the beach? No problem. Just fill your room with sand! It’s going to be just like lying on the beach. You can relax, lie back and drink a Pina Colada (virgin of course, since we are still minors) without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

You want to catch a tan, but the Toronto sun just is not providing you with enough of those awesome UVA and UVB rays. Have no fear, you can still get that glow. Just purchase one of those neat heating lamps that they use to keep those little chicks alive. You’ll be sweating away in no time.

If the tropical scene is not for you, and you long for the snow instead, just rip up some old pillows, get your ski gear on, and then open a window to let that freezing wind blow in your face. You’ll really feel like you’re sliding down those slopes.

Or if you prefer a more laid back kind of vacation, instead of heading to a meditation retreat, try cleaning the bathroom sink. This calming activity will give you lots of time to think about your goals for the future and give you a chance to really focus on your breathing as you scrub all that grime off.

I hope these ideas help! Have a wonderful and safe March break. 🙂


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