The Best Team We Lost This Year


Written by: Simone Blais

Cheerleading squads may seem a thing of the past or of a gossipy girls’ world in a chick flick. However, they’ve always been a key part of school spirit.
Harbord saw their first cheerleading squad somewhere in the early 40s when the only pictures to remember them by are in black and white. It looks like such good, old-fashioned school spirited fun. But in the following 100 years, Harbord somehow lost a lot of it’s school spirit and it’s cheer team along with it. The last cheer squad at Harbord had a mere 3-5 members and not much more enthusiasm. Though HCI sports aren’t currently running, they were at an all time high at the beginning of the year with our tennis team winning and swim team recognized for it’s amazing performance, not to mention the soccer team winning games left and right, it only makes sense that a cheer squad would rise out of the rubble in support of our athletes. I sat in on one of their practices in the fall, and was surprised to see the advanced choreography and professional tumbling moves they were pulling off. Despite the cold weather, 10 of them had showed up and numerous friends were there in support. I was thoroughly impressed by the passion the members brought and couldn’t help feeling a tinge of school pride. Harbord is hardly known for it’s school spirit. That being said, this team had the most of it I had yet to see. Let’s hope they’re back soon to cheer us on!


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