Top 5 New Clothing Shops in Toronto of 2012

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Written By: Madeleine Whitestone

Toronto is a pretty fashion savvy city but when it comes to choosing where to shop and which stores to shop at, it can get pretty hard. So many stores keep opening and closing its hard to keep up so I’ve narrowed down the 5 best clothing shops in Toronto that have opened in 2012.

Bridge + Bardot
Bridge + Bardot is an adorable little clothing store for women store located at Dundas St west and Ossington. It has a mix of vintage clothing and brands at a decently affordable price.

Sauvage is a small clothing store located at Queen and Palmerston. They sell lovely clothes but they have an amazing selection of shoes and accessories as well that come at a range of prices.

Untitled & Co.
Untitled & Co. is an incredibly quirky yet cute vintage store located at 214 Bathurst in between Dundas and Queen. They sell very affordable vintage clothes for men and women.

Gravity Pope
Gravity pope is a shoe store for men and women, however they do sell some clothes but not many. GP is located on Queen St West and Ossington it is quite spacious and modern looking, the shoes come at a range of prices from fairly expensive to really cheap.

F as in Frank
F as in Frank is a very unique vintage store it has a huge range of clothing and accessories for men and women. The store is a very “on trend” store and has nothing but amazing reviews. It is located on queen west of Spadina.


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