Letter from the Editors


The issue you’ve just picked up is the fourth of five this year, and the organization continues to get stronger; new editorial positions are quickly filling up with eager journalists of all grades, and younger students are continuing to show us what they’re made of. With all that said, you could say we, as a newspaper of 2012-2013, have fought quite the battle. If it weren’t for the outstanding group of editors, writers, photographers, and artists working for us, I don’t know where we’d be. But enough of that- let’s talk business. This issue focuses on mental health.

Many of you will have sat through dozens of such assemblies during your high school career, and we’re sure you know all the statistics by now, but unfortunately actually dealing with the issue yourself is much more difficult than grappling with the numbers. This is why we’ve brought to you testimonials, and all these fabulous insightful articles in the April issue of Tiger Talk. Enclosed are real life accounts of personal dealings with mental illness, historical offerings, an advice piece, a sports-themed article and even a poem.

Of course this theme aligns with Harbord’s effort to educate students on the realities of mental illnesses and how to fight them (i.e. Stop the Stigma). It’ll be an exciting and informative month; keep your eyes open for more information on how to participate!


Sadie McInnes and René Puerta


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