Local Harbord Language

         Written By: Simone Blais

  1. Central lockdowns: Whenever there’s a lockdown and everyone groans,    “Thanks, Central Tech.”

  2. Thursday itch: Thinking it’s friday, only to realize it thursday-what a tease!

  3. Late start joy- only, somehow, you’re late anyways.

  4. One-minute songs: Cheesy but catchy songs played while you run to your class to indicate that you’re almost late.

  5. “Turn it off”: The phrase most often used by teachers who don’t want to listen to the announcements, so they turn that knob and keep right on talking.

  6. Late excuses: The range of excuses for being late…for the sixth time that week.

  7. Desk-messaging: The act of writing a message on a desk and having someone reply by writing back on the desk in the following class. Often resulting in anonymous long-term relationships.

  8. Microwave competition:  The daily ritual of seeing how many packed lunches can fit into the microwave while still heating.

  9. Double-fence:  That fence on the field that just won’t come down for some reason.

  10. Stairwell smell: That mysterious stench that’s in just about all the stairwells.

  11. Pizzaparking it: When you park your butt at pizza park…cause you just don’t give a ****.

  12. OJ’s run:  Making a quick run to OJ’s in between classes.

  13. Nutrition break:  Halfway through a half-day when we get break…cause we’re all just eating nutritional food in those 10 golden minutes.

  14. Changeroom bang: When the late kids bang furiously on the door (change room doors lock when closed).

  15. Bathroom exhale: The frequency of air that comes out of bathroom hand-dryers is not any stronger than someone exhaling on your hands.


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