The Upwards Battle

Why is it that people look down on others who have a mental illness or disorder? Why is it that people find them less capable than us? If anything it should be the complete opposite. We should be the ones looking up to them. They have and are going through things that we don’t and won’t understand unless we have that mental illness. They go from day to day fighting stereotypes and learning how to live a normal life, while  all we do is look down on them and judge them. They have so much going against them, but they still find a way to stay strong and get through the day. Take Stephen Wiltshire for example. This young man was diagnosed with autism at a young age and has since become a highly recognised figure in the art community. He has the uncanny ability to see something once and then proceed to draw a replica of what he has seen in extreme detail. Now let me ask you this, is he any less capable than you and I? Then there’s John Nash, a phenomenal mathematician who was diagnosed with schizophrenia and is one of the winners of the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences. Children’s author  Robert Munsch was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder, yet he has successfully risen above it. These people, as well as many others diagnosed with a mental illness, are fighting an upwards battle against society. They’re trying to make a difference, to make the world a better and more accepting place. All we have to do is change our attitude.


One thought on “The Upwards Battle

  1. As someone whose struggled with mental illness for six years and fairly recently got to know that I’m very likely gonna have to struggle for the rest of my life, I really appreciate your post. I know people without the disorder won’t understand how it is, and I hope they never will, but I find those who actually understand that they don’t understand very supportive.

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