Written by: Annabel Hunter

Halloween is traditionally scary, the night where fright is fun, everyone looks good in orange (well maybe) and candy is free! For little kids, Halloween is their chance to ‘try on’ what they want to be when they grow up. It’s for adolescents to be iconic pop culture figures, and see who can squirt the most blood on their face. Then these kids hit grade 7 and 8, and everyone starts to care what everyone else thinks. Costumes enter a post elementary pre high school ‘Mom! I can’t where that!’ sort of age. This period is one where the person wants to impress, but still wants to feel comfortable. Thus, the cat costume was born! It’s seen with a ‘been there, done that’ attitude, but there’s actually some pretty good reasoning behind it. There are three positive aspects to this costume. It’s very convenient! Who doesn’t own a pair of ears and black face paint and a black shirt? Run to Dollarama for a pair of ears and black face paint, and BAM! You have yourself a cat costume. It’s also quite comfortable; you won’t have to worry about your fake abrasions falling off your face, or your eyelashes not staying on. Last but not least, cats have always had sexiness attached to them, so brandish your claws, and say ‘Meow’. Don’t kid yourself, you will be dressed identical to a lot of other people, but as long as you’re feeling good, rock it. What will you be this Halloween?


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