The Supreme Idea

Written by: Taro Ishizuka 

An idea.


A concept ever so great,

It creates a world…


A world with a nature,

In the spirit of thought…


A supreme idea,

Is found always in the chaos,

Around us…


Derelict and detached,

A structure blurred by the fog,

Perhaps never to be seen…


A note is struck,

Now and then,

Changing in time, the world grows…


The soul of the life,

Reacting to new beliefs,

The forgotten and lost now found…


More friends, more fears,

Everything resonating,

New ideas falling in the storm.


A new dimension found,

New life, new places,

Clamoring, the forge has been struck,

A new beginning starts…


A place unreachable,

Existing in the wreckage of your soul,

A beat is drummed,

The creator yearns to venture,

It echoes…


A rumble,

Light and dark reach,

The large shape,

A world.

The world.


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