French Schools vs Canadian Schools

Written by: Mathilde Buzy and Albane Doussin – Two French Exchange Students

Canadian schools are much cooler than in France but we have a few things that you don’t have.


The Strong Points


– We have two weeks off every two months.

– If the teacher is missing, we don’t have class.

– We have one hour and a half or two hours for lunch.

– Every Wednesday, we get the afternoon off.


– You finish school at 3 p.m

– You have late starts on Thursdays.

– You switch rooms every period.

– You have only four periods in one day instead of eight.


The Weak Points


– We finish school at 5 p.m and begin at 8:30 a.m.

– We stay in the same room all day.

– We are not allowed to use our phones within the school.


– The periods are longer than in France.

– You have exams every year.

– The girls and boys don’t really mix in groups of friends.


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