Let’s Go T.O!

Written by: Maya Biderman

How well do you really know your neighbors? Do you know how they take their coffee in the morning? What about the name of their dog? What kind of laundry detergent do they use? Or, more importantly, what team to they cheer for?

Are their walls graced with an Argos’ jersey? Does a Toronto Rock hat sit on the mantle? Is the Maple Leaf’s foam finger placed in every bedroom? Is there a collection of stubs from game tickets? Is the white and blue of the hearts of Torontonians splashed on every available surface? No? Move. 

For many, whether or not you cheer for our home team is as important as whether or not you plan on having kids; ultimately a deal breaker. 

The non-athletes of Toronto are in a league of our own. Toronto’s our name, desperate fan girling is our game. Nowhere else does one pay obscene amounts of money to watch a team lose routinely. Only in Toronto would someone pay 5300$ for the toilet that used to be in the dressing room at old Maple Leaf Gardens. Yes. This actually happened.  

The legion of die-hards has done nothing but grow over past years. For all its momentum, it’s brought out the worst in the “others”, not to be xenophobic. Do not be fooled by the thousands of blue and white fans that fill our subways day in, day out. The league of disbelievers is not a myth. It’s the innocent 50 year old’s who hide their Boston jerseys but never cease to remind you that we haven’t wont the cup since 1967. It’s those 12 baseball fans without I ❤ BJ’s written on their cheeks at the Rogers Centre. Trust me, they’re there. Living among us are the 100 people that weren’t outside the ACC last playoff season. You may be surprised, shocked, horrified even. While it may be hard to believe that not everyone is as utterly obsessed with Toronto sports as you are, it’s true.

Your devotion to our sports teams is the blue running through your veins, because if you’re not cheering for Toronto, it’s not worth cheering in Toronto at all, right?

So I ask- how well do you know your neighbors? Are they on our side? No? Move.



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