Harbord Horrors!

Written by: Anonymous

It was  five minutes to the lunch bell and everyone in class was itching to get out of their seats. I mean, who wouldn’t be when the Cafeteria is serving their famous chocolate cake side dishes? Our teacher was oblivious to this, and she continued to murmur significant dates in the 1800’s. I looked over to my friend, whose eyes were glued to the clock, muscles tensing with every second that passed. Let’s just say that his love for chocolate is bigger than a blue whale. At this point, no one was even bothering to take a look at the homework the teacher was assigning. I know you’re probably thinking, OK so now what?

Well, the clock finally reached 11:30 and the bell began to ring. But that’s not the only thing that happened in those few seconds. I noticed my friend stand up and run to the door, bag in hand. What he didn’t notice was the teacher who just happened to be standing right beside the door. Now, let me tell you, a grade 9’s backpack filled with the mornings’ textbooks isn’t the lightest or softest thing in the world, especially his bag. Our teacher learned that the hard way. As my friend barreled out the door, his backpack clipped the teacher on the shoulder and sent her spinning- right into the chalkboard behind her. He was long gone, leaving us all in his dust. Then, as if to signify a grand finale, she fell to the floor with a thump. Everyone in class stopped for a second as if frozen and stared at the teacher on the floor, who was motionless. I swear, the cackle that came out of her mouth scarred everyone in that classroom for life. The teacher curled up on her side and laughed until she cried, which was about two minutes of witnessing the whole thing and being frozen to the spot. Then she carefully got up, a little wobbly, and gave a big grin. I wouldn’t have doubted anyone who said she’d been possessed. My peers and I flew out the door at top speed, not even bothering to glance back. That was one hell of a horrific history class.


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