Harbord Horrors!

Written by: Anonymous

It was the first Day 2 of my grade nine year, and to this day, I remember it so vividly. My timetable told me I had science with Mrs. Mantchenko in Room 317, but the halls told me Room 317 simply didn’t exist. At this point, I barely knew anyone, I didn’t know who was in my class, and as I paced back and forth through the third floor hallways, I realized I just wouldn’t be able to find this class on my own. I was able to spot a teacher by the math department and mustered up the courage to ask her if she knew where this non-existent room was. Obviously, she did and she pointed out that I should walk up the hall and turn left. I found a Room 311 that jumped to 318, but once again, 317 was nowhere to be found. That’s when I heard the announcement, “Hey Harbord, you now have one minute to get to class, so hurry up and don’t be late!”

My heart was beating fast, and I began to panic; how embarrassing would it be to be late on one of your first days? I continued asking around, and everyone told me to walk straight and turn left, but when I turned left at the end of the hall, there was nothing! I became flustered, and decided I needed to calm down, so I waited by room 318. As a student approached the class, I decided my last resort would just be to ask one last time. She was kind enough to guide me to my class, but the whole time, I couldn’t help but ask myself, who knew Harbord had secret passageways? I mean, the last time I checked the 94 Wellesley bus wasn’t on route to Hogwarts! Well, fortunately I ended up getting to my class on time.

Now, every time I walk through that secret hall to Room 317 I can’t help but think of that first day! It’s actually hilarious!



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