Written by: Imogen Bysshe

Have you ever put someone down by criticizing what he or she believes in?  Has anyone ever done that to you? And I don’t just mean religion, but possibly a superstition or supernatural power someone deems true. Astrology is undeniably one of the most misinterpreted subjects out there, despised by so many and treasured by some. All my life I have adored the zodiac in all its mystique but dwelled gloomily on the fact that so many around me wanted to crush every starry thought I had.

Astrology dates back to the 3rd millennium B.C. when seasonal changes and celestial cycles were signs of divine communications. It soon developed into a scholarly tradition and was known, accepted and practiced all around the world. It wasn’t until the late 17th century that Astrology was first debated. It was then that scientific concepts and innovative discoveries began to undermine the fundamental principles of astrology itself. And that’s where our story begins…

Over the last two and a half centuries, scientists and researches alike have found just about every morsel of evidence in existence to prove that astrology is in fact a phony practice, read only by gullible people and desperate young women seeking relationship advice. Countless hardheaded and logical individuals seem to find deep pleasure in astrology-bashing and denying innocent stargazers of their right to sanity. Astrology has been labeled fake, worthless, stupid, and ultimately a hobby for nutjobs who still believe that when Jupiter enters the fifth house they will get a promotion at work.

As your one and only horoscope writer, you might be thinking that I belong in the nutjob category. Well Harbord, I’m going to come clean. I don’t visit a planetarium every time my articles are due, I don’t consult the stars, I don’t even know when your planet will be ascending.  You may now think that I am a very under-qualified horoscope columnist, and I won’t deny it. However, I will explain my personal theory on the Zodiac and how I truly believe that you don’t even need to glimpse at the sky to benefit form this ancient practice.

You may have realized that in almost every magazine or newspaper you pick up, your horoscope is so vague that it could apply to you, your dad, you best friend, maybe even your pet dog. This is the exact point that astrology haters use in their arguments, it’s also the point I will use in my argument SUPPORTING astrology. Yes, your horoscope may be vague, but that’s because it contains advice, support, and self-reflection that could apply to everyone.

Forget about whether your horoscope paragraph is “true” or not, and look at it this way–it is offering you a positive message to think of throughout the day.  Let’s say that your daily horoscope says: “you will make a lifelong friend today”. I’m not saying that you’re destined to find your soul sister but it’s likely that you’ll try to be more friendly and social that day. Another common phrase might be: “spend more time with your loved ones”, valuable advice that is unmistakably profitable to us all.  Why would you want to diss something like that?

It is how we interpret and act upon the advice we receive that makes the entire subject worthwhile. There is a good reason hundreds of thousands of people read their horoscope every day, and it has nothing to do with which month they are born in. Those who take that tiny paragraph of advice seriously are the ones who will truly benefit from astrology.

Here’s another thing– almost everyone would agree that looking at a dark sky full of stars can be one of the most enchanting and inspiring feelings in the world. Next time you’re doing that ask yourself: isn’t it possible that these wondrous celestial bodies are effecting us in some way? So, for all of you zodiac hate monsters, try not to be so pushy with your beliefs. Think twice before you tear another astrological dream apart because it may be someone’s creative outlet and you probably don’t want to


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