Buddy Day

buddy day

Written by: Nastasia Krstic

On October 1st Harbord held it’s first ever Buddy Day; a day where all of Harbord’s incoming grade nines, including myself, went to a nearby park (either Christie Pitts or Bickford park) in the morning, had pizza for lunch, then returned to the parks in the afternoon.

Buddy Day is a chance for home form classes to work together. To distinguish who was in which group, every home form would be given a colour by the peer leaders (grade 11 and grade 12 students who offered to help organize the activities) a few weeks before Buddy Day and then wear that colour on Buddy Day.

There were several colour groups, some easier to wear (or represent) than others, including: burgundy, red, blue, green, black and white, purple, pink, yellow and orange. Witin those colour groups, since the number of students was large, there were two teams; Team “A” and Team “B”.

Throughout Buddy Day, there were several fun activities we got the opportunity to do. There was “Manhunt”, “Capture the Flag”, “Blindfold Exercise”, “Vampire” and many more. Some games were more intense than others, for example “Man Hunt” was rather competitive, but I feel like myself and most of the other grade nine enjoyed the time spent there – what I find important is that we got the chance to meet new people.


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