Ego: It’s all part of the game


Written by: Anonymous

Arrogance has never been a respected trait. However, there are many arrogant people connected with sports and Richard Sherman is no exception. The defensive football player  is under fire for his post-game comments in the NFC championship. After his game winning block, he claimed to be the best corner in the game. Obviously, people did not take kindly to his comment and have begun to attack him. Arrogance always attracts negative attention but in reality, Sherman was only standing his ground against Michael Crabtree, who was insulting his ability. I believe Sherman is without a doubt the best corner in the NFL. He has led the Seahawks defense to the Superbowl and to the title of best defense in the NFL. Sherman does not just talk, he proves every night that he can back up his words. Muhammad Ali did the same thing. He would talk all the time, telling the press which round he would knock out his opponent. And he always kept his word. Just like Muhammad Ali, Sherman is bound to be a champion. So let the new king be.


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