Great New Restaurants on Bloor Street West


Written by: Bridget Carter-Whitney

Harbord CI is located in a great area for lunches. You can find anything from Korean to Mexican to American comfort food. We can find meals within almost any price point, from $2 to $20. In the past year, several new affordable restaurants have opened along the busy street, each adding even more interesting types of food to our stretch of Bloor.

Ave Maria Latin Cafe – This little latin american coffee shop is found between Palmerston and Euclid on the south side of Bloor. It sells different types of empanadas and arepas. The prices are phenomenal, you can easily buy your meal for under $5 or just over. There are tables but you order from the counter. This is one of the quickest lunches you can find on Bloor.

Chinese Dumpling House – In addition to dumplings they serve noodles, fried rice and other chinese dishes. If you aren’t interested in buying their food then you can watch them making the dumplings through the window. It is also located on the south side of Bloor between Palmerston and Euclid.

Barrio Coreano –  Perfect for a special meal on a late start day (given that it only opens at 12:00pm). It gets very busy so you may want to plan ahead and book a table on their website It is a mix of Mexican and Korean style dishes and offers food ranging from $5 to $20. Its a modern, cool looking place between Manning and Euclid on the north side of the street.

Kinton Ramen –  Found on the north side of bloor between Manning and Clinton. It is a bit pricy for a solo meal but gives the perfect amount to split with a friend (approx. $12 a bowl). It is a sit-down restaurant,  so expect it to take your whole lunch hour.

There are already so many restaurants near Harbord so these ones might seem to blend in, but they all offer great new qualities to the neighbourhood.


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