Heart Breakers


Written by: Lucas Thomas

Heartbreaker recalls a time in film history when romantic comedies were amusing and stylish as well as romantic. There is not a great deal of distinction between romantic comedy and regular comedy especially in the early 2000 the basic formula for a rom-com is as follows: two characters, usually a man and a woman, meet, part ways because of an argument or other problem, then ultimately reunite. While there are some variations to the formula you will see most rom-coms follow this format (The Animal, Hitch, Just Go with It, Some like it Hot, American Pie etc.). Now back to Heartbreakers, Here’s the rundown: A mother and daughter team of con-artists run into several complications as they set out to swindle several men and get to their money by having the unsuspecting suckers fall for them.

While the idea of a con-woman isn’t fresh, the movie “Heartbreakers” actually does some new things with its twist. The idea of a mother-daughter team is quite entertaining. With the aid of some dramatic elements, viewers get a much more vivid picture of Max and Page Conners. For example, we see how Max gets into the swizz game in the first place after a failed relationship that left her broken hearted. Also, there is a lot of weight on the “coming of age” theme with Page as she falls in love and tries to break away from her mother to do her own thing.

Several funny incidents entertain, such as trying to hide a rather stiff dead body with a boner. Yet, there is clearly something missing in this film. It is funny but not hilarious. It is emotional but not very touching. The simplistic nature of the movie makes it is a good film to watch while relaxing with your boo, but it is not really anything special or great. I give this film a rating of an egg out of 5.


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