How to Succeed in High School


Written by: Brian Goldkind

During my 14 years of formal teaching experience, I have noticed that successful high school students tend to…

Come to class every day.

Come to class on time every day.

Pay attention in class.

Avoid writing on their desks.

Avoid cursing in class.

Stay awake in class.

Stay in their chairs during class.

Dress for the occasion.

Ask a lot of relevant questions in class.

Raise their hands when they ask relevant questions in class.

Show respect for their teachers and their peers.

Read their teachers well.

Avoid using cell phones in class.

Avoid talking in class when others are talking.

Avoid eating in class.

Avoid asking to visit the bathroom or the water fountain every 15 minutes.

Make a schedule…and keep that schedule.

Do their homework every night.

Keep up with their schoolwork.

Study hard for presentations and tests.

Makes lots of mistakes.

Learn from their mistakes.

Appreciate the benefits of failure. (I have learned more from my failures than from my successes)

Participate in extracurricular activities.

Hold down part-time jobs.

Strive to do better.

Appreciate the ‘bigger picture’

Be the hardest-working kids in the room.


One thought on “How to Succeed in High School

  1. Although some things on the list might be helpful tools for “success” in high school (such as respect for teachers and peers, avoid distractions like cellphones, and learning from their mistakes), I don’t see how “dressing for the occasion” affects one’s participation/success in class. Also this list assumes everyone has the ability to “sit still,” eat well, “pay attention,” and have a home that fosters a “healthy” sleep. Some students “hold down part-time jobs” out of necessity and survival, which makes it harder to “participate in extracurricular activities,” or “staying awake in class,” or even “coming to class everyday.”
    It would be helpful for teachers to “read their [students] well” and seeing “the bigger picture.”

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