Written by: Anonymous

Loyalty has come to die over the years. It used to be something quite common, not just in sports, but in regular daily life. Nowadays, it is something quite rare to witness. Players have not been alone in deserting their teams; many fans are with them as well. Fans used to be like Spike Lee. For anyone who doesn’t know, Spike Lee is a die-hard Knicks fan who sits front row at every game and would never be caught cheering for any other team. “Fans” of today have developed a bad habit of bandwagoning. Fans will leave their original team to become a fan of the best or most popular team. Personally, I have been an Oklahoma City Thunder fan before that was even their name. Even in the days where they were in last place in all of the NBA, I still supported them. The fans nowadays leave when the going gets tough instead of supporting their team through it. For people who are true fans of a team, it is one of the most frustrating things to witness. I ask of whoever reads this to please not perpetuate this terrible habit and to work towards being a true fan.


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