My Addiction to Online Shopping


Written by: Madeleine Whitestone

The rush from confirming a purchase, the anticipation of getting your parcel and the excitement when it finally arrives, that is online shopping to me. Around a year or two ago I discovered this amazing world where it is possible to buy things without leaving the house. My first purchase was from a website called thread sense. I got to find awesome clothes for a great price and get them sent to my doorstep all within the vicinity of my own home, it was fantastic and extremely exciting when it arrived. Since then the web has been the main source of draining my bank account.

The thrill about online shopping is that it gives you a chance to get really unique items, one’s that most people you know will not have.  Stores reel you in by getting you to sign up for their emails and then constantly send you “special” promotional deals. It makes you feel as though you are saving so much money and you are getting a great deal even though you are buying an item that you otherwise probably wouldn’t buy. Buying things online makes spending money so easy. It seems almost as if the money you are spending is not real because your not forking up actual cash, it’s a lot easier to part with.

I have been coming to realize that my perpetual shopping is turning into an unhealthy addiction and I really need to stop or at least tone it down. It has gotten to a point where I feel as though I need to explain my reason for buying every parcel to my postman because he delivers so many. My email inbox has a lot more promotional emails from stores than actual emails.

Shopping online is like eating a cookie from a cookie jar or watching one more episode of that show on Netflix, you know you shouldn’t but one last purchase can’t do any harm.


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