My Big Green Addiction


Written by: Matthew Nofarskein

I was only 4 years old and I loved Shrek so much, I had all the merchandise and movies. I wrote my first shrek fanfic in grade 8 erotca epic titled “My first Shrekual Encounter” and ever since I’ve been writing on a weekly basis and have been posting them on blogger. my newest one “fifty shades of Green” has over 10 reviews. After reading it my parents got rid of my entire shrek movie collection, but thanks to the power of Netflix for the price of eight dollars a month I am reunited with my ogrelord. I and my friend Joe are die hard brogres we get together every May 18(the anniversary of Shrek) and re-enact are favorite shrek moments in my backyard but we also like to make up our own scenes.  I have honestly been to shrek the musical at least 15 times, but never have I seen its end because whenever shrek appears I scream and laugh so loud they kick me out. My parents have tried very hard to cure me of obsession even threw out my shrek mcdonalds toy collection. I don’t speak to them now.


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