Olympic Victory


Written by: Daniel Fernandez

On the 23rd of February, the Olympic Games came to a close in Sochi, Russia. All of the Canadian athletes

performed amazingly well and we are proud of all who accomplished gaining a medal, or their personal

best. Throughout the entirety of the games, on televisions all over the nation, people were watching our

elite athletes compete. We saw our women’s bobsledding team, and both men’s and women’s curling

gain gold medals among others. The events that were likely the most watched, and at the end of the

games, men’s and women’s hockey. Both the men’s and the women’s team dominated the ice. Over the

next two weeks, our Harbordites will engage in an epic struggle to gain gold medals in our very own

Harbord Olympics! We have people representing a diverse group of nations, everywhere from New

Zealand to the Isle of Man and several in between. All our Harbord Olympians will be aspiring to win,

however there can be only one gold! When speaking to several Olympians representing Madagascar and

New Zealand, an apparent rivalry has sprung up. Madeline Wiesemann said “We will go to any lengths

to vanquish the evils of New Zealand.“ Upon hearing this, Sarah Morris of the New Zealand side

rebutted with a sharp comment, “Seeing as were already winning, you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Not to mention the 2 other teams that are between us…“ After the first day of the games, the friendly

rivalries which have sprung up all over the ranks of the competitors are bound to make the games an

interesting event. That being said this is Harbord`s first annual Olympic venue. the future of the Harbord

Olympics lies in the success or failure of this year’s games, and with several teams looking to win

medals, is bound to bring us together with the same Olympic spirit Canadians all over the country

experienced watching our national teams and athletes compete in Sochi.


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