Our Common Obsession


Written by: Bridget Carter-Whitney

In a school with 1100 people spread between 4 grades and with so many different personalities and interests we all seemed to have connected with one app that is sitting on the top of the app store list. Flappy Bird – an arcade style game – has exploded in the halls of Harbord Collegiate, whether you are in class or in a hallway, you can surely find multiple people playing this simple game. Looking down the aisle in my math class I could see at least 5 people quickly tapping their phones trying to fly through the gaps in the pipes. I barely know anyone who has either never tried it or hasn’t downloaded it yet.

Even as I scroll down my newsfeed on Facebook I see multiple posts about people’s reactions to Flappy Bird or what level they’re on. I even see that someone has created a page called “I hate Flappy Bird” which has thousands of likes. Research tells me that Dong Nguyen created it in May. He seems to be advising people to not play it for long periods of time. He works with a company called ‘Gears Studios’ who makes bite-sized games, like Smashing Kitty and Dr. Plet Shuffle.

Somehow in that last week of January tens of millions of people have downloaded Flappy Bird. We must wonder why this game has appeared in thin air and started occupying everyone’s time. Especially when we have games out there that took a lot more money to create graphics designed to make them look like real life. Words like “addictive” and “frustrating” are being thrown around with the game. So hold on tight to your phones, folks because you’ll find it just too easy the hurl them into the wall.


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