Our Modern Olympics


Written By: Anonymous

As we all know, the Olympics in Sochi are fast approaching. The endless scandals and tales of

misfortune foreshadow this multi-national sporting event. Some have said that Russia does not

deserve to host the Olympics due to its track record on the human rights stage, among other

things such as security and what not. However all these scandals and mistreatments are taking

away what the Olympics are really about. The reason the Olympics came about in our modern

age was an attempt to bring nations together. Because what language can cross communication

barriers more than sports and happiness. Doesn’t matter if you’re from Norway or from China,

generally you know what Soccer is. Whether you’re from Bangladesh or the United Kingdom,

you have an understanding of things like track and field, and even speed skating. The point of

the whole comeback was to reduce tensions on the international stage and allow for good

relations and sportsmanship across the ever present language barriers. However with the

Olympics being held on Sochi Russia, we see this begin to disintegrate. Prominent athletes plan

to boycott the games, countries condemning the host nation for its actions, and whole leagues

threatening to bar its players from participating (NHL), all these things are not necessarily un-

provoked. We may blame Russian officials all we would like about this. The Olympic board

which chooses it’s host nations could likely have done a better job in choosing a proper

candidate. So why not question their methods? Human rights concerns and security should all

be taken into consideration when deciding who will host these events. I bet if Harbord hosted an

Olympic event we would do a fantastic job. It would likely bring the whole school together to

watch and participate along with the added prestige of winning gold medal should your team

win. That being said… stay tuned to the announcements #BAA&GAA


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