Passing on the Torch


Written by: Katerina Hatzinakos

I caught up with Marcus Peters, this year’s Student Activity Council president, to get the run down of his year at the top.

1. How has being president changed your view of Harbord and its students?

Being president has really allowed me to engage more with the students,

teachers and over all just have a better experience within the Harbord

community. I got the chance to communicate with younger students that I would

have never had the opportunity to speak with before being president, which was

exciting! It gave me a whole new view of the school!

2. How do you feel that you’ve impacted he students and staff as president

this year?

Being the president after Nader and all the issues involving the strike, a lot of

events were cancelled but I wanted to bring those back to enable students to

experience a well-rounded year that everybody could take part in. I feel as

though that was the most important thing I did this year, was bring back winter

activity day and Semi-formal, among other events that make the Harbord

experience so memorable.

3. Do you have any words of wisdom to leave to next year’s president Andre


I would say, have fun in SAC but don’t forget about your friends and your

schoolwork! Being president is an important job, but don’t let it completely take

over your life!

4. If you could describe your favorite thing about being president, what would

it be?

In one word, I would say the experience has been indescribable. My favorite part

was all of the amazing connections and friendships that I made in SAC this year!


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