The Good Side of Bad Habits


Written by: Lena Rye

Bad habits may seem annoying, mysterious and inexplicable. However, there is

usually a good side to them and it is possible to uncover that side them if you dig deep


Everyone has bad habits, whether it’s saying “like” a lot or cracking your

knuckles. I, personally, have many bad habits and I’m sure that most people share at least

one of these. I say “sorry” extremely often, I bite my nails, and I’m constantly doodling.

Many may think that saying “sorry” too much is annoying, biting one’s nails is gross, and

doodling is distracting, but I’ve found that they all serve a purpose and are all beneficial

in some way.

First of all, saying sorry frequently, even though not always necessary, is polite. It

means you are aware of your surroundings and others’ feelings. Plus, it’s better to say it

too much than too little. It can serve a good purpose because other people will treat you

graciously in return.

Then there is biting ones’ nails. This is a bad habit that many will argue does not

have a good side, but I can see something positive in it when controlled. Biting your nails

can release tension. I find that I usually bite my nails when I’m watching a tense movie.

Sort of like a stress ball, it is something that comforts you and calms you down.

Finally, my most frequent habit is doodling. I doodle on my notes, my homework,

and sometimes on desks. Many people think of doodling as not paying attention, similar

to daydreaming. However, unlike daydreaming, studies have shown that you actually

retain information better when you doodle because your mind doesn’t wander as much.

Also, doodling is a great way of expressing your subconscious mind, and suppressed

feelings. Many brilliant people, like Leonardo Da Vinci, doodled.

Overall, habits usually have some positive purpose to them so long as they are

controlled. If you acknowledge your bad habits and try to understand them, you will

become more aware of your feelings and you will begin to understand yourself better.


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