The Scoop on PEDs


Written by: Anonymous
Sports are by nature competitive. Many athletes feel pressured to do whatever it takes to perform at the highest level. It has become so normal for athletes to use performance enhancing drugs, PED’s, that it is almost necessary for all athletes to use them if they even want to be able to compete. Some of the most inspirational athletes have turned out to be frauds for having taking PED’s to achieve the successes in their careers. Take Lance Armstrong, for example. Lance Armstrong was an inspiration to many people for being able to battle cancer and still win the Tour de France. Years later, he admitted to blood-diffusion, a form of performance enhancement. Since that fateful day on the Oprah show, he has been shamed and many people now hate him for what he did. The fact that his entire team was doing it seems to have been left out of the story. Honestly what did he lose? Were there any consequences to his actions? Yes, he lost the respect not only of the fans and all the titles he won while he was cheating, but for the cyclists who were racing fairly, they may never get another chance. This is not just one specific circumstance as many cheaters do not even get punished. Barry Bonds, who used performance enhancing drugs, still has the record for most homeruns in MLB history. This is extremely unfair when athletes like Willie Mays and Babe Ruth achieved comparable successes without enhancing drugs.  They will always be bested by cheaters. The sports community cannot let athletes continue to cheat. True athletes deserve recognition.


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