The Stigma Towards Vices

Written by: Anonymous

A vice is defined as a particularly bad or even immoral practice. Usually people

use vices to forget about their problems and relax themselves. Which doesn’t

sound so bad, only the way they do it often ends up being illegal or detrimental to

their health. Is it possible to have a good vice? Suppose illegal vices were

avoided, can you gain anything positive from having a vice? If you’re addicted to

watching Netflix, might you eventually learn something from one of the shows

you watch? You might learn get something valuable from accidentally straying

into the documentary section. If you can’t stop buying clothes online, will you

realize that maybe you want a future in fashion…or online marketing? Taking

good from the bad is one way of looking at it. But can a vice start off good, or

even helpful? Maybe to avoid getting stressed, you vent to your friends… that

could count as a good vice! Instead of freaking out about something, you listen to

some music to calm down or pet your cat or dog. Could these things that aren’t

so terrible be vices? Perhaps they’re not as effective as using drugs, but these

less risky vices can weaken the stigma surrounding the serious ones.


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