The Ultimate Secret Guide to HCI


Written by: Anonymous

  1. There are exactly 666 stairs in the school.
  2. There is a shrine at the back of the auditorium for the Harbordites who had to go to war.
  3. If you look, you will find illuminati symbols everywhere.
  4. In the secret hallway on the second floor, there are four bricks that if you push in sequence, will open a passageway that was made during the First World War.
  5. The auditorium was once used as a stage where medical professors taught surgeries and dissections.
  6. There is a way to exit every classroom, not including the doors or windows.
  7. The pool area was once a skating rink before there was a higher demand for a pool.
  8. The safe in the office leads to a safe house that was used during the Second World War.
  9. During the early 1900s if caught cheating you would be kept in a cubby for half an hour.
  10. The ʺfourth floorʺ leads to the roof… or does it?

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