The Harbord Buzz


Written by: Olivia Deresti

The Harbord Buzz is our school’s very own radio show started this year by grade 12 students Imogen Bysshe and Victoria Rodriguez Morrison. We’re on air every last Tuesday of the month playing music, discussing ideas, and sharing laughs. On past shows we’ve had interviews with local musicians such as my friend Anna Horvath of First Rate People and even Billy Talent! We’ve also had discussions about everything from controversial social issues to fun topics like Halloween. Every show has a theme, too! Some past examples are Adjustment, Growth, and The Holidays. If that isn’t enough to convince you to tune in, we even have our very own theme song written and sung by fellow Harbordite and radio club member Ellis Barkman!

Now you’re probably thinking… “Wow! Sounds great! But how do I listen?” Well curious Harbordite, it’s easy! Just go to at 6:00 pm every last tuesday of a month and click “Listen Live”. You should hear our lovely voices chatting away. For more information listen to the announcements and like us on Facebook: The Harbord Buzz.
Stay tuned for more awesome shows coming your way!


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