Gift Ideas to get your Holiday Spirit Tingling


Written by: Serafina Fraracci

Do you know what to get your friends for Christmas? If you don’t, here is a list of some awesome gift ideas:

Gift card

A gift card is a great gift. If gives the person a little bit of control over their present. Some popular gift cards are Starbucks, Chapters, Itunes, and gift cards to different clothing stores.

One big present

One thing that you and your friends could do is combine your money and buy someone one bigger present like a pair of headphones, an expensive piece of clothing, or even camera gear.


Especially if your friend likes fashion, they would probably love to get a new outfit!

A handmade gift

When you give someone a hand made gift that you made yourself, that person can really tell it comes from the heart. You could make a card as well. Some gifts you could make are jewelry, knit sweaters, scarves, or mittens, carve them a gift out of wood, or draw/paint a picture. Everyone loves cookies, so that is a simple hand made gift you could give. You could also make a collage of pictures of your friendship.

Gifts for $10 and under

If you aren’t able to spend too much money because of your budget, here are some great gifts under $10 that you could buy.

Cool Socks

You could always get some cool socks. Maybe you could even get socks with their favourite band or animal on them.

IMag Magnet Phone Stand

Everyone loves their phones. This gift doesn’t actually use any magnetism. This device has suction cups on it, and it sticks to the phone, holding it up. You can also use the phone stand as a cable holder to keep cables attached to your computer and out of the way.

Waboba ball

A waboba ball is a ball that is made for using in the water. When you throw it in the water, it skips of the surface of the water.

L.E.D shoe laces

Especially if your friend likes to dance, L.E.D shoelaces would be a great gift. They are shoelaces that light up. You can buy them in different colours and you can make them flash.


A barnacle is a lot like the IMag Magnet Phone Stand. It stands up your phone on an angle and you can stick it on almost any surface.

Tiny Book Light

Do you have a friend that is always up in the middle of the night reading a good book? Then getting them a tiny book light would be a great idea. It is a portable mini lamp that you strap onto your book, or put it on the table next to your book. It shines light on your book so you can still read when it is dark.


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