Harbord Girls Get Hardcore With Hockey 2014


Written by: Imogen The Unfortunate Goalie

This winter, an exciting new sports opportunity presented itself for the hockey playing females at Harbord. For the first time in five years, our school has it’s very own girls team, dedicated to the ice and ready to play. For the past couple of years, there have been efforts for a girls team to finally join our hockey playing boys, but the season always passes quickly and a team never got the chance to establish. Finally, thanks to an initiate led by Bridget Carter-Whitney in grade 10, our girls and coaches have their wishes granted and their pent up skating energy released. So far, the team is looking bright and energized. Practices are held at (slightly) nearby Mccormick arena, a lovely two padded rink, well known within the community. Logistics of commuting between home, school, and the rink can be difficult, but the team gladly pays the price in order to be properly prepared for our six game season. There was a good turnout of girls with enough players for three forward lines and three defensive lines. The only issue raised was the classic, “So… who wants to be in net?” Finding a goalie seems to be the never ending predicament when forming sports teams. Luckily, despite my extreme lack of experience, yours truly agreed to be the goalie for now. It should be swell. All in all the girls hockey team is most definitely an exciting new prospect for Harbord and one that should bring in some classic, hardcore, hockey school spirit.


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